Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010

queen ann's lace

i don't remember there being fields and fields
of queen ann's lace here in nova scotia
but it is everywhere!
i love it

i went for a walk once we got home
around the property and i was struck by the color
in the background of the late afternoon sun

i forgot my camera earlier or i would have taken
photos of matt and emily standing in the lake at 
birch cove freezing,
or the rowers rowing frantically to the finish line,
or a wet dog dripping by the shore,
or the light sparkling on the water
but it is all a memory
of a lovely summer day here
it was actually hot.

so nice


  1. beautiful Debi

    love ya
    xxx Bonnie xxx

  2. I love the way you pieced this post together... and I walked by a field of Queen Anne's lace a few times this summer while back in Ontario. I love it's fragrance!