Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

standing through it all

i took these while waiting for mattie
at the penhorn mall bus stop.
our phone was dead so we couldn't let him know where we were
so we were waiting for quite awhile til we finally
figured to go use the payphone!  
what a novel idea...

waiting is always easier with a camera in hand
time passes so sweetly when i have my camera
i can be in a doctor's office, a government building,
outside at a garage
wherever i am waiting it is easier
because no matter where i am
i seem to be be able to find the beauty of the place

i have a thing for clover
the whole field by the bus stop was a mess of clover
as a kid i would roll in it
i was pretty tempted to do the 'roll'
but i didn't

we have been under some stress lately 
Mattie is going through a rough time
we are glad we are here for him but
that stuff is the hardest as a parent to navigate
because we love them so much and hate to see them
hurt or suffer in any way
but pain is a part of life if we are real and honest
i remember once years ago realizing that
He is in the middle of my pain
it was a simple but revolutionary thought that changed me forever
we tend to try to be good, good, good 
and when we aren't good, good, good we pretend we are 
instead of admitting to God and finding Him right there in the middle of 
all that bad, bad, bad.

see the photo with the yellow flower?
you may think that is pretty but it is way more then that for me
the one standing up tall is symbolic of what i want my life to be like

there are always situations 
that threatens to bring us down
but i want to remain standing
believing through it all.

i find comfort in this verse:
"A bruised reed He will not break
And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; 
He will faithfully bring forth justice."
Isaiah 42:3 

no matter what you are going through to today
good, good, good...
or bad, bad, bad...
know that you won't break under it,
but be able to stand
because He is in the middle of it..
He is.


  1. thanks Debi for sharing that... I needed that encouragement today...Chrystal :)

  2. So true Debi - I tend to get lost on the path - thanks for the insight and your wise words... means more than you realize.

    all my love
    xx Bonnie xx

  3. Such a good reminder: "He is there in the middle" of whatever we are going through. Thanks for these lovely thoughts.
    xo Jeanette