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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

merry christmas

christmas in march?
well bob gave me a receipt for a bird for christmas
and i finally got it a couple of days ago!

such is life in roatan
i kept going to the store and he kept saying
manana, manana, manana.

so you can imagine my delight when told me 
that he finally got birds in from the mainland of honduras!!

oh joy.
this is a fischer lovebird
native of africa
from the area of madagascar

he/she is adorable!
it is impossible to tell the gender of these
birds without doing blood work 
so since i like male birds better then females
(they are more friendly and less territorial about the cage)

i am referring to him as a he.
no name yet
but i am leaning towards either
which is 
spanish for love

which is honduran slang for 'parrot'
i would probably call him rico for short.

i am just getting to know him.
right now i refer to him as my little guy alot.

i love birds so much because once they
trust you the rewards and companionship
outweigh any other pet.
it takes alot of time and patience to get them to that point
but it is worth it.

right now, little guy, is very cautious and shy around us all
but he is a beauty to behold and the
sounds of his chirping bless my heart!

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