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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

from miss norma

zinnia's are not native to roatan
brought seeds over
miss norma has them growing in her garden
in flower's bay
she lives opposite the sea in a bright
pink house, on stilts
she is a tiny, wiry little woman who
runs a tiny little store,
she makes and sells dozens and dozens and dozens
of delicious sugar cookies
and enjoys gardening.

that is how we met.
i love gardening too.
i stopped by her house once to admire her garden
and over the months we have become friends.

one time bob said to her,
'so miss norma, we need to find you a nice man'
and she laughed and said,
'no sir.. i don't be needin' no man,
i don't need to be cookin' and cleanin' for no one
i gots da Lord and that's enough for me.'

the last time i went she gave me about 15 plants!
i kept saying
'oh no miss norma that's enough.. i don't need anymore plants'
but she didn't listen.
she is so kind and giving..

yesterday the zinnia bloomed.
it reminds me of her.
sweet lady.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet story Debi :)
    p.s. - I think zinnia's are world travellers, I saw them here as well.