Saturday, February 20, 2010

february 20, 2010

caribbean spring

i love living here 
but i do miss the seasons
although for the record:
no i don't miss winter
i don't miss snow one bit
but i miss spring
and fall

this is our second season here
the first year i thought there were two seasons
rainy and dry season
but since i am a flower lover 
i am seeing that we do have different seasons
i can tell by the different flowers that bloom
at certain months
our rainy season has just finished, 
the skies are often still cloudy but the rains have lessened

 so this is a typical spring flower.
i think while the spring flowers are in bloom 
i will highlight signs of our spring.

stay tuned.



  1. Such a lovely flower - reminds me of the flowering maple tree mom had when we were young. The flowers are the same color and shape(not the leaves though).

    loves ya
    xxx B xxx

  2. we have a flowering maple? at which house?
    maybe i was too young to remember that.