Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

pizza shell

I am a little emotional this morning.
Our son David is flying back to Montreal this afternoon
and already I feel the loss of him.

Today after having coffee together we decided
to go for one last morning beach walk.
We both love photography so it is a wonderful
ritual that we enjoy to start the day capturing the beauty 
around us.

David is a much better photographer then I
He has taught me so much this week.
I am blessed to have a son who enjoys being with me
We talk endlessly
and try to solve the world's problems,
we laugh,
I listen to the sounds and aches of his heart
we sometimes bicker
but all in all it is a delight to be together.

As we were walking along I saw these boys standing beside this  blue house
and I said.
Oh David isn't that a great color as a backdrop?

kenfor, christopher, preston
So here are the boys.
Inside their shirts were many little beach shells.
David bought 3 of them.
Hence the pizza shell.
Little Christopher said,
"I gots a shell dat looks like  pizza.. you want dat?"

Fo' shore!!
small treasures,
wonderful memories of being together.

missing you already david

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  1. It truly is a blessing when your children not only love you as their mother, but as a friend.