Monday, July 19, 2010

July 18, 2010

joyful reunion

since being back in canada we have been 
so busy at our storage container that we really
hadn't seen many of our friends.

we were able to see alot of people in church in the morning
and that was so great

we were so happy that we were able to have a get 
together with some friends in kelowna

josh, sarah, jon, eldon and marianne 
came over to garth and brenda's
for pizza and a wonderful evening of
story telling, laughing, singing and worshiping the Lord
precious times!
my heart was blessed beyond words...
tears of surrender,
tears of joy.

josh smith is an amazing musician
he has made a great cd...
you can listen to some of his music here if you want
we have known him since he was a young lad
we are blessed to have such dear friends!

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